ART 1-Parent Letter

ART I- Mrs. Geraldine A. Forte

Information and Requirements (20012/13)



Welcome to Mrs. Forte’s art class at PHMS The following information will help assure a safe, clean and productive environment for learning and experimenting in art.  We will be concentrating on learning the fundamentals of art in Art I;   doing a variety of projects that will apply the fundamentals of art, and incorporate the use of a variety of materials, techniques, and styles.


Grading is based on a rubric.  Rubrics and my grading scale will be posted in the classroom for each project/assignment we are working on.    Students YOU are responsible for your grade.


Grade Scale:

A  93.5                 B+  6.5         C+   6.5                       D+     66.5     E  59-BELOW

A-   89.5               B    82.5       C         72.5                 D         62.5

                              B-   9.5        C-        69.5                D-        59.5

All projects need to be turned in by the deadline/due date to receive a grade. If an assignment is not turned in on time (due date), 5 points will be deducted per day. Assignments/Projects have a 2 week window from the due date for late submission; assignments/projects will only be accepted after the two week window, if there are mitigating circumstances.  Students will receive credit and points for an assignment only if it is complete and reasonably well done. Students will keep a portfolio of their art work.  This will be kept in the classroom until the end of the trimester. 


Be present.  Many of the projects we do in art require special materials.  You need to know how to use them properly, and have access to them. The best way to do this is by being present. Tardiness is unacceptable.


Students will be expected to follow school rules at all times in my classroom.  These are in the student handbook, and I encourage you to read, and discuss them with your child.  


Materials:- Students must bring in these materials*********                       

  • #2 (Wooden) Pencils (2 pencils needs at all times)
  • 2-Pocket Folders
  • Pencil Case
  • 2 Erasers
  • Small Plastic Pencil sharpener
  • 6” ruler


  • Must be in your assigned seat when bell rings-or you will be marked absent
  • Your are not allowed to change seats- the TEACHER is the only person that can change your seat
  • Nothing is ever allowed to be tossed or thrown.
  • Stay in your seat until the bell rings-no gathering around the door
  • Raise you hand to speak in class
  • Come to class prepared, on time, and ready to learn
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Use appropriate language and attitude
  • Respect school and others’ personal property
  • Students shall not talk when the teacher is talking, when announcements are being made, or when other students are given permission to speak.
  • Do not touch teacher’s desk, computer, or personal property
  • Drinks, gum, and candy are not permitted at PHMS, outside of the cafeteria, therefore they are not allowed in the classroom
  • Students shall remain seated at all time unless permission is granted.
  • Except for emergency, students will not be allowed to leave the classroom once class begins.  The planner is to be used as a pass for these emergencies, without the planner students will not be allowed to leave the classroom.
  • Student misconduct for a substitute teacher will result in two (2) automatic hour detentions.
  • Classroom disruptions due to a cell phone will result in four (4) hours detention.
  • Respect all supplies and furnishings.  If you destroy art furnishings/supplies, you and/or your family will be required to replace or repair the object.
  • There is zero-tolerance for social rudeness.  The art room is an environment that promotes respect for diversity and originality.
  • No ink pens are allowed at the tables unless provided by the teacher.  Pens will be confiscated and not returned.


The consequences for not carrying out these posted rules include a warning, written reflection, detention, and/or office referral.  Please note that your parents will be contacted if you are unable to follow these rules.  There will be positive consequence for following the rules.


I expect students to be prepared for class. If students need to make-up work that wasn’t completed on time; they can make arrangements with me about it.


It is amazing to see the progress that is made by the end of the trimester. I look forward to an exciting school year.  Please feel free to contact me at or 362-6100 ext. 2169.  If your would like to visit the classroom please e-mail or call and we can make arrangements for you to visit.





Geraldine A. Forte, BS, MSW

Art Teacher


Please sign and return


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