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Dear Parents/Guardians


First of all, I’d like to welcome you and your students to a new trimester of English class here at Patrick Henry Middle School! 8th grade English Language Arts is a two-trimester class consisting of English A and English B. We will be covering the new Common Core Standards,which encourage critical thinking skills using material that challenges students without being overly difficult.


You can expect your student to be exposed to a variety of reading material and concepts, including grammar reviews, informational reading, literature, poetry, vocabulary building, and oral communication. Each unit has been carefully designed both to fit with the new Common Core Initiative and to engage and interest students in the lessons. Students will be writing daily and reading frequently in order to build their skills in these important areas.


Your student will need the following materials for this class every day:

  • Pen or pencil
  • 2-pocket folder for English material ONLY
  • Notebook for journal writing
  • PHMS planner for homework assignments and daily agendas


As always, I will strive to make this a successful year for all of my students. In return, I expect each student to put forth a similar effort, by doing the best work that she or he can do and by keeping up with homework assignments. I will need your help and support. Please check your student’s PHMS  planner every night. If you have any questions, or if I can help you in any way, please contact me immediately. You can reach me by calling: (734) 362-6100 ext. 2118 or email:karnert@wbsdweb.com. Thank you!



Mrs. Terry Karner